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Flavor of The Week

Posted by Frank Walters on

This Friday, 10/7/16, we are introducing the Flavor of The Week for the Into The Fog Line.  Every Friday a new flavor will be offered for 5 Dollars with free shipping to the USA. You must click on the "Flavor of the Week" item, and enter the advertised coupon code at checkout.  This Friday's Flavor is APPARITION. The applicable code is $5APPARITION at checkout.

Limit will be one per customer, and the coupon code is one time use.

Just Some Thanks!!

As everyone knows, the E Liquid business has become BRUTAL! Surviving in this business is more than luck.  Having a great product at a reasonable price is key; but having contacts and "friends" is critical.  Social Media has taken the industry by storm, and using that niche to maximize your business profile and visibility is [...]

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Get On This Bus!!

Into The Fog Premium E Liquid....getting great reviews and responses from all parts of the country! This e liquid is simply amazing.  It has been formulated with the FINEST ingredients to produce exceptional, well-rounded flavor.  The delivery, presentation, aroma, thickness, taste, cloud production and after-taste are exquisite. GVS has been working on, testing and tweaking [...]

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What makes Into The Fog E-Liquid Premium?

You may find yourself wondering... What is Premium E-Liquid? What makes our liquid "Premium" versus our competition? How is Global different?Into The Fog E-Liquids are "Premium" for various reasons. To begin with our product ingredients are 100% USA Made and Derived. We only select pharmaceutical grade nicotine extracted from right here in the United States [...]

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Shine E Liquid

Our 60/40 blend of vape liquid is available in our online store or wholesale.  This line consists of 15 fantastic vaping flavors of e liquid.  Shine E Liquid comes in glass or plastic 15 or 30 mL bottles and 5 nicotine levels.  We use only the finest kosher, food grade ingredients to create this special [...]

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Into The Fog Premium E Liquid

Into The Fog is a max VG vape liquid.  Into The Fog is available in 6 flavors and 3 nicotine levels of 0, 2, 4 mg/ml.  Only the finest e liquid ingredients are used in the vaping liquid.  This is a USA made product, using all kosher, food grade, premium ingredients and flavors.We are getting [...]

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GVS Goes Live

Welcome to Global Vapor Supply's all new online store. Introducing a line of nearly 30 Choice E-Liquid's made with a 60% VG / 40% VG Base offered in 5 different nicotine levels.To compliment our prime e-juice line, we have introduced a beautiful line of e-cigarettes and accessories... the Inspire Line. All of our products have [...]

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